234/2 Sai Kor Rd, Patong
Phuket 83150 Thailand

Angel Ink Tattoo Patong Phuket Thailand

Ouvert tous les jours
14h00 - 23h00
Tél: +6684 823 3234

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Qualité supérieure

Photo of an amazing portrait tattoo featuring Snoop Dogg
Our tattoo artists produce some of the finest tattoos in the world. We take your ideas and make them better, for an end result that you'll be proud to show off to the world.

Détail incroyable

Photo of a realistic tattoo featuring a clock, angels & demons
The attention to detail is second to none. Our artists take their time to ensure that your tattoo is work of art that could grace the walls of even the finest galleries.

Couleurs éclatantes

Photo of an amazing colourful sleeve tattoo
From black and white to grey, and multi-color tattoos, we only use the best imported inks for your tattoo to ensure that the finished artwork stands out from everyone else.

Sécurité et hygiène

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Tatouage Foire Aux Questions

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Apart from being the shop with nicest, friendliest people....not to mention the finest artworks according to my research, Angel Ink tattoo Phuket has proven that my choice to get my ink done at their place to be the best decision and I'm really proud of it. The shop is also easy to find and the atmosphere is friendly and inviting. And all the staffs and artists are very helpful. Tom is skillful and fast while quality of his work is breathtaking.Beau O

These guys are the best. Was looking for a place to get my small tattoo done with reasonable price and from talking to 4-5 places this shop is the place I decided to go for. Everyone was friendly and I felt like getting it done with my close friends that's how nice they were. Not overly commercial but still very professional while they made me a crisp and jaw dropping artwork. Will definitely come back and recommend them to everyone.ไพรินทร์ สุวรรณสุขุม

We were out looking for tattoos, and on the beach strip in Patong found so many tattoo shops, but off the beaten path we found angel ink and walked in and made an appt. The tattoos we got their were incredible. The customer service from them was exceptional, the precise fine details were amazing with the tattoos, and they wanted to make sure everything was just to perfection prior to getting the tattoo.Joel B

I called the shop thinking I was not going to get an appointment for at least 4-7 days being that it’s what typically is the wait time in busy Patong Phuket. These guys told me to come right over! They helped find the piece that I wanted, and after I decided to get another style they didn’t hesitate to find me another piece! The tattoo came out breath taking and the artist put everything I wanted in it without me even asking for it!Oscar F

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