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Superior Quality

Photo of an amazing portrait tattoo featuring Snoop Dogg
Our tattoo artists produce some of the finest tattoos in the world. We take your ideas and make them better, for an end result that you'll be proud to show off to the world.

Amazing Detail

Photo of a realistic tattoo featuring a clock, angels & demons
The attention to detail is second to none. Our artists take their time to ensure that your tattoo is work of art that could grace the walls of even the finest galleries.

Vibrant Colors

Photo of an amazing colourful sleeve tattoo
From black and white to grey, and multi-color tattoos, we only use the best imported inks for your tattoo to ensure that the finished artwork stands out from everyone else.

Safety & Hygiene

At Angel Ink Tattoo Phuket, your health & safety is our #1 priority when you're getting tattooed by one of our  professionally certified tattoo artists. We only use original high quality inks, medical grade sterilisation, and single use disposable needles.

Combined with our aftercare instructions, you can be assured of a trouble-free and safe experience when you get a quality tattoo at Angel Ink Tattoo Phuket.

Tattoo Frequently Asked Questions

Will it hurt when I get my tattoo?
The short answer is yes, it will hurt when you get your tattoo. The true answer is that it doesn't hurt as much as you imagine it will hurt. The level of pain when getting a tattoo is different for everyone, and is often compared to a mild burning sensation, a cat scratch, or sunburn. Depending on where you get your tattoo, will dictate the level of pain, however after a few minutes, the body will begin to produce endorphins (natural painkillers) that can help to numb the area being tattooed.

In general, areas that will hurt the most are the parts of the body which have more nerve endings. The palm of your hand and your fingers are very sensitive, so getting tattooed there is more painful. Also, getting tattooed in places where the bone is closer to the skin is also more painful, such as the ankle or ribs. Hence, getting tattooed over fattier areas, like the upper arm, will hurt much less.

How long will my tattoo take?

The time it takes to make a good tattoo depends on size, level of detail, variation of colour, and the area of the body where you're getting tattooed. Since you'll be living with your tattoo permanently, getting a good tattoo should not be rushed.

On average, a complex piece of art about the size of the back of your hand usually takes about two hours to complete. Larger and more complex pieces can take tens of hours and will require several sittings to complete. A full sleeve tattooed by an experienced artist can take anywhere from ten to fifty hours of work to complete, depending on complexity.

How much will my tattoo cost?

Good tattoo artists don't come cheap. As with most other goods or services, you get what you pay for. If you opt to get a cheap tattoo in some cheap tattoo studio, you could end up spending a great deal more later on, when you have to pay for a larger cover up tattoo, or laser tattoo removal. Don't be impatient just to get some ink, as this decision will be with you for a long time.

At Angel Ink Tattoo Phuket, we offer a free tattoo design consultation, so you'll know in advance how much your tattoo will cost. Then you can decide to get your tattoo right away, or save your money until you can afford it later. Book your free consultation now.

How do I choose a design for my tattoo?

The tattoo design that you choose is something that will be with you for the rest of your life. For some, it's a difficult choice to make. Most people choose a design based on something or someone that has positively affected them in their lives, such as a loved family member or favourite pet. Perhaps a song or movie has touched them someway in their life, and they would like to a permanent memento to remind them each day.

Tattoos mean different things to different people and at Angel Ink Tattoo Phuket, we understand that it's not always an easy decision to make. We can help you find that perfect tattoo design, so  book a free tattoo design consultation now

Is it safe to get a tattoo?

When you get a tattoo at Angel Ink Phuket, you can rest assured knowing that our professional tattoo artists are fully certified in tattoo sanitation, practices for prevention of infection, blood-borne pathogens and cross-contamination control.

As a professional tattoo studio, Angel Ink Tattoo Phuket has the same hygienic standards as your local dentist. All equipment is either sterilised to medical standards, or be single use disposable items.

We do our part to minimise the risk of getting an infection, and so should you, by making sure you follow the aftercare instructions given to you by your tattoo artist.

How safe is tattoo ink?

Tattoo ink from reputable manufacturers are safe to use. There are however, a lot of counterfeit inks of well known and respected brands in the markets which can contain dangerous toxic substances and result in poor quality tattoos.

At Angel Ink Tattoo Phuket, we only source our tattoo inks directly from the manufacturer or from their approved distribution outlets. This ensures the integrity of our service and maintains the highest standards and safety for each one of our valued customers.

Can I drink alcohol before I get my tattoo?

No, drinking alcohol before getting a tattoo is not advisable for several reasons. Apart from the obvious difficulties of tattooing a drunk person, any good tattooist will refuse to tattoo you if you are intoxicated.

The main reason is that alcohol thins your blood considerably, which in turn causes excessive bleeding while you are getting your tattoo. This not only makes the process difficult for the tattoo artist, but also has the effect of 'washing out' the ink as it is being applied. Not only will it take much more time to complete your tattoo, the entire process could be more painful and produce poor results.

Can I use numbing cream?

Yes, you can use numbing cream, but for many reasons, we do not recommend its use.

It needs to be applied several hours before you sit for your tattoo and will only last for around thirty to forty-five minutes. If your tattoo is not finished before the cream wears off, the pain will be much worse than it normally would feel without numbing cream.

Another very important reason is that, for some customers, numbing creams can cause the skin to become puffed up. This means that the tattoo artist needs to work harder to get the ink into the skin, which can cause additional trauma. This will obviously have some repercussions during the healing process and can create an undesirable amount of scabbing during that time.

Can my tattoo be covered up or removed?

If you have an existing tattoo that you are unhappy with, the most common way is to get a cover-up tattoo. This involves working with your tattoo artist to come up with a design that go over and 'cover up' the existing tattoo.

There are a few misconceptions regarding cover-up tattoos, and it's not quite as simple as just getting another tattoo done over the top of an old one. The new tattoo will sit on the same layer of skin as the old one, so the cover-up tattoo needs to be darker than the existing tattoo. Cover-up tattoos are generally larger than the existing tattoo that they are covering up, in order to completely hide the original design. All this very much depends on the existing tattoo, the design of the cover-up tattoo, and the skill and experience of the tattoo artist.

Another option is laser tattoo removal. This is a specialist service that requires several visits to completely remove a tattoo. It is very expensive and can be extremely painful.


Apart from being the shop with nicest, friendliest people....not to mention the finest artworks according to my research, Angel Ink tattoo Phuket has proven that my choice to get my ink done at their place to be the best decision and I'm really proud of it. The shop is also easy to find and the atmosphere is friendly and inviting. And all the staffs and artists are very helpful. Tom is skillful and fast while quality of his work is breathtaking.Beau O

These guys are the best. Was looking for a place to get my small tattoo done with reasonable price and from talking to 4-5 places this shop is the place I decided to go for. Everyone was friendly and I felt like getting it done with my close friends that's how nice they were. Not overly commercial but still very professional while they made me a crisp and jaw dropping artwork. Will definitely come back and recommend them to everyone.ไพรินทร์ สุวรรณสุขุม

We were out looking for tattoos, and on the beach strip in Patong found so many tattoo shops, but off the beaten path we found angel ink and walked in and made an appt. The tattoos we got their were incredible. The customer service from them was exceptional, the precise fine details were amazing with the tattoos, and they wanted to make sure everything was just to perfection prior to getting the tattoo.Joel B

I called the shop thinking I was not going to get an appointment for at least 4-7 days being that it’s what typically is the wait time in busy Patong Phuket. These guys told me to come right over! They helped find the piece that I wanted, and after I decided to get another style they didn’t hesitate to find me another piece! The tattoo came out breath taking and the artist put everything I wanted in it without me even asking for it!Oscar F

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